Olga is a Canadian entrepreneur from Mexico, she has always been passionate about having her own businesses, working, and creating a better environment and opportunities for as much people as she can reach.


In 1994 an education agency in Mexico was born with the name of CLASS Education, but it wasn’t until 1999 when Olga became partner in this agency and started her career in the international education industry.

Before she started her journey in her current career with education, she created a model management agency, and a spa in the heart of Mexico City.


In 2008 she decided it was moment to move to Canada and start a new life along her two of my children and her husband, the first months living in Burnaby were incredible while she continued working in education consulting, nevertheless, she discovered a business opportunity and that there was space to create new things.


She began to engage with families of the community and started creating a homestay network, resulting in the arise of a complementary service to the education


2010 was an incredible year for her, for starters she became a permanent resident of Canada, and then officially created her own homestay and student services agency,  Canadian Accommodation Services or CAServices.


After 6 years of working and growing our Vancouver and surroundings homestay families network, in 2014 CAServices started growing exponentially, and Canada Inc was born as a legal name, with CAS as our commercial brand.


After studying and preparing herself, she became a regulated Canadian immigration consultant in 2017; one year later, Canada Inc became independent, and Global Class Group (GCG) was born, offering more complementary services for the education industry, with immigration, housing or accommodation, language classes and international education consulting.


In 2019 operations have started to consolidate expanding the business and Global Class Group brands have grown more than 75%.


GCG is continuing to expand and looking to consolidate even more the industry, attracting investment for the creation of the new project, Abacus College, which will complement the cycle of services offered by Global Class Group, creating a 360 degree integrated service; the purpose of the brand wants newcomers to settle into a better and more reliable context to have a successful new life in their new home country.

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