Arbutus College equips students with a practical set of essential workforce skills and opens doors to different learning opportunities in industries across Canada.

Focused on achieving student success.

Our programs focus on turning graduates into career-ready professionals. Academic courses combined with practical work experience equip students with the competencies global companies seek. Arbutus College is at the forefront of building a professional community of skilled and capable leaders for today’s workforce.

Student life

Students have a highly reliable support system. Student advisors, student ambassadors, and the student association ensure that questions and issues from the student community are addressed.

Arbutus College also holds campus events such as talks and forums, workshops, trade shows and shows, and social functions. They not only complement academic learning, but foster strong relationships among participants that then become valuable professional networks for graduates.

Why study in Arbutus College?

  • Convenient and manageable study hours.
  • Co-op placements. Arbutus College helps students apply classroom learning to real-world settings related to their program of study through guaranteed co-op placements.
  • Eligibility to work. Students can work while continuing their studies.
  • Arbutus College’s programs are recognized by the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH&LA), the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT), and the Canadian Institute of Management.
    Solidarity community.
  • Arbutus College faculty and staff are experts in the success of international students. Students have a strong support system on campus.
  • Arbutus College offers pathways to universities and other higher education providers for students who complete their programs.

Academic Programs

The instructors in our Certificate in Business Management program are seasoned educators who have worked in senior management positions in banking, international trade, retail, and manufacturing.

Business management courses are current, practical, and geared toward “real world” application to help students enter and succeed in the workforce.

We integrate the teaching of communication skills with academic and professional business education and training. In today’s market, strong communication skills, which include speaking and writing, are essential.

In this program, students will master excellent communication techniques, increase their public speaking confidence, and present their thoughts and ideas clearly in meetings, sales venues, job interviews, or group presentations.

The hospitality operations and management specialty is one of the most dynamic areas of the hospitality and tourism industries. With the construction of luxury hotels and resorts underway around the world, analysts expect job opportunities in hotel management to be exceptional in the years to come.

Today, well-qualified hotel managers are in increasing demand in major cities and resorts around the world.

At Arbutus College, our Hotel Management program takes graduates beyond basic training. Students learn from experts in this field to understand the complex needs of hotel clients, with an emphasis on problem solving and improving the overall travel accommodation experience.

With a strong background in business communication and hotel management, Arbutus College graduates can establish truly rewarding careers in this dynamic industry.

Marketing drives business development, both locally and globally. It’s about understanding and meeting customer needs and wants. As an information society, we have the ability to connect global markets and create new marketing opportunities like never before. However, this also presents many challenges.

Our Marketing program will help students learn the theory and practice of marketing from seasoned marketing professionals, keeping those challenges in mind. A key objective of this program is to teach students how to develop an effective marketing plan and how to successfully follow each step of the marketing process.

The program will provide students with extensive training in market research, international marketing, and direct marketing campaigns. Mastering these skills will allow students to pursue positions within the marketing department of any organization.

Students acquire the skills necessary to be a professional marketer in today’s competitive business environment. Arbutus College graduates are ready to meet the challenges of today’s fast-paced global economy.

More trading markets have been globalized due to the rapid integration of international economies, resulting in tremendous growth in the international trading industry. Today, companies have new opportunities to expand their markets by buying and selling to other countries.
At Arbutus College, our International Trade Certificate program provides students with the relevant skills and experience to enter this exciting industry. We offer practical courses oriented to the knowledge of the real world. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to read, write, and understand business documents, as well as perform appropriate business procedures and operations.

FITT skills program
The Forum Skills for International Trade Training (FITT) program is a series of highly practical courses that focus on the fundamentals of international business. Students can enroll in these courses as part of our International Trade programs. Upon successful completion of all six (6) courses and assessments, students will receive a FITT Diploma in International Trade.

FITT training
Arbutus College is an educational partner of FITT. We offer courses leading to FITT certification and Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation. FITT courses prepare people by giving them the practical skills they need for jobs in today’s competitive world.
FITT is a professional certification and training body in international trade; the world’s leading membership-based organization of its kind.

This program is perfect for students who want to improve their language skills and are interested in a career as a translator and interpreter.
Our translation and interpretation program includes advanced writing and speaking courses, as well as business language courses. Our programs focus on English and the languages ​​of Japan, Korea and China. Our instructors are excellent translators and interpreters with extensive teaching experience and a passion for sharing knowledge.

In today’s world, where borders are disappearing and communities are becoming more culturally diverse, building bridges through clear and precise communication has never been more important.

This program will strengthen students’ language skills and prepare them for a career as a translator and interpreter. Students will gain a solid understanding of the professional aspects of translation and interpreting and will be able to apply theory to practice. Emphasis is placed on professional translation and interpreting.

Our English programs are flexible and available all year round. Students can study in 4-week increments, from 4 to 24 weeks in length.

Interactive classrooms where teachers create a student-centered environment.
Excellent school social activities that provide many opportunities to practice English.
Extensive communication exercises to ensure that students meet the necessary standards for both written and spoken English to further study or advance their career.
Great mix of nationalities: students from Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.
Suitable for students focused on academic English skills of IELTS 4.5 or equivalent.
Level 4 – IELTS 4.5 or equivalent


Arbutus College is recognized by the Canadian Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship as a designated learning institution. The DLI number for Arbutus College is


The pathway is a form of academic continuation that allows you to graduate, in this case from college (Arbutus) and directly enter a University, in this case Acsenda School of Management. We recommend this option as it makes it easier for you to get a permanent work permit and gives you a clearer path to Canadian permanent residence in the future, if you so choose.

Admission requisites

Academic achievement: a minimum completion of high school is required

English proficiency: IELTS 5.0, TOEIC 780 + Essay, TOEFL IBT 64, TOEFL PBT 510, etc. with an equivalent or higher proficiency (alternatively, the applicant can take the Arbutus English proficiency test)

The English proficiency test can be arranged with the admissions team.

  • Completed admission form
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Language test
  • Academic test.

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