Express Entry

Express Entry is an immigration route that the Government of Canada offers to qualified workers from other countries.

Who can apply through this stream?

Skilled workers from other countries. A skilled worker is understood as a person who has a paid job in his country. Other qualifications that the individual must have are: verifiable proficiency in the use of the language (English or French, one of the two, or both) and verifiable monetary funds, among other requirements.

How does it work?

The Express Entry program works through a point system. The applicant is qualified in various areas: education, work, age, language, family.

Who chooses those who qualify? The government of Canada.

From time to time, the government publishes invitation rounds with a score. People who have a score equal to or higher than that published by the government, can be invited to apply.

In short ...

The Express Entry is an excellent migration route for those professionals who have the certified language and verifiable bank funds. By emigrating through this program, you receive your permanent residence in Canada.

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