Education in Canada

Your title will be valid internationally in countries such as England, Australia, and other member countries of the “Commonwealth”

The GCG guarantee

Make this experience one of the best of your life. From preparing your GCG Smrt English © language level to selecting the academic program that best aligns with you.

Benefits of studying in Canada with Global Class Group

We help you with the paperwork

From the application of your visa and enrollment to the school.

We find you accommodation

Through CAS - Canadian Accommodation Services.

Financing Options

Talk to one of our advisors and learn about your options.

We help you with your English

From before you arrive in Canada, through our GCG Hello platform.

Extend your stay in Canada

We advise you as to how to stay in Canada after your studies, either through a post-graduation work permit or permanent residence.

Extended Family

Be a part of GCG! Make new friends for life.

Our Schools

ACSENDA SCHOOL Of management

Douglas College


Langara College

Arbutus College


Greystone College

We have options to apply for financing and so you can afford your study program in a way that best suits you.