Students, Professionals and Investors

Three pathways, one goal. 

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Immigrate as a Student

Coming to Canada as a international student is the most clear cut way of achieving permanent status in the country. 


Age: There is no age limit - Cost: +/- 12,000 CAD per year - English / French: Requirement only for college and universities


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Previous study or work history in Canada - Job offer - English: CLB 7 / IELTS 6.0 - Be admissible


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Immigrate as a Worker

As a professional or Skilled in a trade you reacquire a Valid Work Permit to work in Canada.  

IImmigrate as an Entrepeneur or Investor

As an Entrepreneur or Investor Canada has programs in place to benefit both Canadian communities and your Investment.


Condition-free permanent resident visa - Right to apply for citizenship - One of the best locations to settle and raise a family - World class health care and education systems.


Minimum net worth of $2 million CAD - Management experience - Invest $1,200,000 CAD for 5 years at 0% interest (financing available through the AURAY Capital Golden Plan)
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